Types of Home Inspections

For the Home Buyer
For a prospective buyer, having a full and detailed inspection of a home is the wisest decision you can make. We will examine every accessible inch of the home and assess the condition of its systems.

Types of Home Inspections

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The use of a thermal camera will help us “see through the walls” during the inspection – it will show missing insulation, heat loss, and leaks. The verbal and written reports will detail any deficiencies that are discovered in the home, and we can provide you with helpful information on how to maintain or repair your new home. With the information in hand, you will be able to buy your home with confidence.

For the Home Owner
Warranty Inspections
On many new construction homes, the builders will offer a warranty. Prior to the warranty period ending, a home inspection is a great cost-savings investment. A thorough inspection of your home and all its systems can provide you with a list of items that the builders should repair at their expense.


types of home inspection services

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For the Home Seller
Having a pre-listing inspection can alert homeowners to repairs or needed upgrades that they may wish to address prior to listing their home. We will report on: the condition of every major system and component from the roof to the foundation; all major safety issues and other deficiencies of the home that may arise during the pre-purchasing inspection. With a pre-listing inspection, DBC Home Inspections will return to re-inspect and amend their report when repairs and upgrades have been completed. We can provide a bound, full-color inspection report, which is eye-catching to have on display during viewings.